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The Desansis project begins when two Dj - musicians and a talented singer - songwriter get together and share their incredible passion for the Music... It gives them a reason to grow as a group.

Aldo "Haldo" Carpanzano, also known as "Feel", is a brilliant music writer and arranges the music to give the project more quality and depth. He has been for many years the resident dj of the historic "Rebus" club situated in the south of Italy where he organizes many parties with the best international djs on the scene. His multifaceted way of playing music fusing Jazz, Deep House and Fusion to create a different and unique style. He co-produced and worked with international Djs such as: Victor Simonelli, Tony Humphries, Ivan Iacobucci, Lous Radio and Harley&Muscle. Finally Aldo meets Geppy in Bruxelles and together they begin their "Chilly" journey in the music world.

Geppy "Mischibo" Amoruso is a Dj-musician and promotor of the "Uppy Park Parties" in Bruxelles where he takes care of the multimedia aspects of the organization, in “Desansis project” particularly cures the Bossa and ambient arrangements. He spins a great House, Tribal - Nu Jazz and Deep Latin music in many major clubs of the city. His passion is mixing electronic sounds with 70 th old grooves....practically an actual hippy soul!

Georgia Cee is the sweet voice of the group with an R&B background. In 1998 she came out with an EP produced by Colombia records a Sony Music entertainment label. She worked on this project in N.Y with some friends: Dj David Raimer (drummer programmer) and Lafayette Cartoon (a R.Kelly piano player). She also sings Garage and Deep music and works with international labels. Music is one of her many passions. Actually she is an accessory designer for Roberto Cavalli. It is easy for her to combine two forms of art that are so similar: Fashion and Music.

They are always telling a story: “No one is able to totally understand what’s in your mind… Only he who writes the poem can interpreter what it means… and it is the same for every form of art.

Maybe there is an exception, something somewhere exists that makes different people Live and feel the same emotions…something that has no limits, that has no language barriers, that arrives everywhere from big countries to small cities... the Music. This is the reason for our project: Desansis. The desire of wanting to reach everyone’s emotions... Sitting in front of our keyboard, we travel the world… wondering… In the end, we discovered the reality of what we always imagined… Since we were children, music has been a crucial part of our life… Playing would numb any kind of pain… Music makes us feel alive!”