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Emiliano Giolo is an italian artist born in Milano.

From when he was a child he moved from town to town from London to NYC and back again to Milano.

He lived the most exciting experience of his life in the early years of the House Music.

From 1988 to 1996 frequenting Rave parties, important clubs and dancefloors he saw the evolution of the scene and he listened the djs and all the artists who made the House Music's history

Going around the city visiting the record shops he collects all kind of music he loves more over the years and he expanded his musical culture getting a respectable music collection. His passion is focused on all sort of music genre (Soul Jazz Disco Funk House and Techno) but is the Deep House his really love with all the atmospheres and sounds that have their roots in the black music.

In the beginning he start to program the analog machines after the years he learn to djing and use the digital technology now after 20 years he's back to spread the love and the passion for the music through his music.