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Izmo is a young frenchman born in 1984 in Paris. He was discovered by Harley&Muscle a few years back when he tried to get in touch with them..
He started making music at the age of 15 years old , strongly influenced by the ambient and electronica music coming from Uk and Germany. As years passed by, His frequent holidays in England's Midlands led him to discover various club scenes with the 4 to the floor spirit.. From Hard stuff to funky and mellow music , Izmo was soon found searching for a sound that was calling him...
Years passed by and Izmo is now Deep into house music where he finally found his roots in the 90's House music vibe from New Jersey , Chicago , Detroit , England and France. May it be true Garage or Deep House, the groove, spirit and energy of this period has touched him deep inside and he is now a fierce defender of what he calls "True School" House music as opposed to Old school or New School: " I hate when people say that this sounds old school and that style sounds "old" or whatever...For me, a vibe is timeless ..."
Izmo is also a deep techno head and all sorts of raw dance music.. watch out for his "deep jacker" and "brawther" aliases in the future...
In summer 2007, Izmo releases his first E.P. as a 12" inch on french label 9TS records, and gets a very good response, support and plays by legendary Tony Humphries... Disguised as a tribute to Smack Productions , his "Where is eddie" E.P. touched people from all different scenes, from deep house to uk garageā€¦
In 2008 , he will release his first full length album on Little Angel Records, 14 tracks of strictly Deep House music of different moods and atmospheres. Izmo is thirsty and he will keep on trying to better his music for the pleasure of the real house heads.
"Keep it Underground".