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Steve F. was born in France in 1981.

Son of a musician, he starts playing the drums at 12 . Over the years he will evolve in numerous bands and will perform in various events, gaining quickly the reputation of a solid drummer. After some top notch classes with some Parisian drums masters, he decided to enlarge his scope of musical activities

From 17 on, Night clubbing and the South of France underground movement will raise his curiosity. He will soon be overwhelmed by the magic and the good vibe of house and lounge music. His musical path took a brand new direction and he started to compose his first tracks in 2006 based on his past experiences and with now a lot of modern ideas.
In 2007, he releases his first opus under the label Concorde Avenue, where his jazz funk style with an eighties flavour differentiates him from the mainstream artists.

Composer during the day, he performs at night as a house percusionist , combining percussions and
Samples, played in a hypnotic way and providing all the elements for nights full of emotions .

Since 2007, he can be seen on several famous compilations from lounge-down tempo music style to deep house which will set his action ground.