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Born in 1967 in Switzerland, Chris Strange begun his career listening to House Music in the late 80s'. In 1988 he worked for Streetheat Records as a representative for the distribution of BCM catalogue all over Switzerland. In 1989 he get into the first specialized "dance" record shop in Geneva and he also started to DJing as well. During those years he gained various residencies in his country and he was regularly playing with top Djs, such as Tony Humphries, Benji Candelario, George Morel, Franck de Wulf, just to name but a few. His mixes were broadcasted on national Couleur 3 radio. In 1996 he opened his own record shop "DJ Service" and from 1999 he started getting lot of interest in production. In 2002 he produced a couple of domestic releases and in 2004 he signed his first release with Egoiste records using the artist name of "Systematic" and producing club dancefloor orientated House. In 2006 he starts a side project called 'Enigmatic' with a mixture of blending House influenced with jazzy vibes, downtempo & electronica to create a musical style that could reflect his passion for music.

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