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Valencia based deep house DJ and producer Hugo Giner, aka W&P HGG , has been deejaying and crafting his sound since 1995.

In 2006 he started his own record label ëCornuta Soundí, which has been well received amongst the global Deep House scene. His releases have been charted by House giants such as Larry Heard, Rick Whilitie, Charles Webster, Miles Sagnia, Efdemin, Julietta, Le Loup, Dubbyman, Harley&Muscle, Nacho Marco, etc.

Having also released music on labels such as Cafe del Mar, Soulstar, Sibaris, Mono by Lovemonk, Little Angel, Hizou, Deep Explorer and Loudeast records, his sound has reached dancefloors around the world with sales as far afield as USA, Japan, Poland, Italy, UK, South Africa, Germany, Ireland and Russia.

As well as deejaying and his solo projects, Hugo has worked with jazz musician Juan Ull to produce under the moniker of Tunes Collector.

Hugosí sound as a DJ, reflects its influences from the Detroit and Chicago sound ranging from Deep House, Disco, Soul, Funk and Hip Hop. He deejays with vinyl, believing that it is the only way to get the true, deep sound out of the tracks. Over the last decade he has deejayed at venues such as îSybarisî in Madrid, ìMiniclubî, ìLe Clubî, ìGonî, ìCaballito de Marî, ìCafe del Marî, ìJerusalenî, ìPlayî in Valencia, as well as regular slots at the ìFestival Observatoriî in Valencia.

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