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Magnus Wedberg was born in 1987, he hails from Gothenburg in Sweden.
Though he grew up in musical community it was really a coincidence that he slipped on to the electronic side of it. "- Everyone I hung out with were all into rock, pop, classical or traditional jazz, and no one really considered beats to be 'real music'". It wasn't until one night in a club at the age of 16 that he was introduced to the sounds of the underground. There was no doubt, being hooked from the very first moment he decided to dive into it.
Since then he's been exploring and discovering a lot of music that otherwise probably would have gone hidden for him.
Coming from a background of playing in bands and being a songwriter, the step to start producing wasn't that far away. After hours and hours of messing around with the computer, and learning the basics he released his debut Ep in 2006. Since then it's been rolling, and the plan is to keep it up for a while.