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Neolectrique are Mikael Surdi and Toby Olsson, two of Sweden's finest producers of electronic nu-jazz and deep soul. The two met back in the eighties due to their common interest and taste for indie-disco music, which in turn resulted in their starting to producing and performing together.

Influenced by the upcoming disco-electro-clash that made the foundation for electronic pop-bands such as The Human League, Talk Talk,, Ultravox and many, many others, they started performing their stuff semi live using backtrack, which was decorated by guitar and wacko synths drowned in effects. A formula, that seemed to be very well received by the club-goers at that time.

Life, work and women split them up for some years but the music remained in their backbones. Both kept working with music independently and then for a couple of years ago, they met again forming the renowned band Physics. Sure, the influences had refined over the years but they were still into the pumpin' foundation of classy beats and melodic harmonies.

Over the years they have come to know a great number of singers and musicians, which in turn has been very helpful to finding wicked singers for their project- Lou -Lou, Alexandra and Teresa, aka Tee, to name but a few.

Under the guise of "Neolectrique", Mikael and Toby will continue to produce soulful and deep gems although with a somewhat different approach than Physics. Whereas Physics are concerned with widening and spreading their music across the boundaries of club-music, Neolectrique aims towards pleasing the choosy club-visitor, exploring the deeper and newer spheres of electronic music.