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Amilcare & Thomas Wood are Ibiza-based Antonio Di Benedetto and Zurich- based Thomas Brennwald. It was the year 2008 when these two guys knew each other. Thanks to the Number One Record Store, managed by Donato Capozzi outbreak this Deep House spark between Antonio and Thomas. From then on many afternoons were spent in the Rue du Soleil Studios trying and inventing some new beats. The inspiration, the desire and the joy has never been lacking in these two Swiss-Italian boys. Together they share a musically vision that pulls together elements of house and techno with influences between disco, rock, pop, deep and dub.
Those who want to explore the natures of Amilcare&Thomas Wood, best to visit one of his sets. Dancing and screwing on the mixer, celebrates the Italian curls and the Swiss wolf (in sheep's clothing) vision of the music world.
Amilcare’s sensitivity to Sounds flourished in the little ones age. Inspired by Depeche Mode, David Bowie and The Cure, he started his first own productions. With keyboards and drums, he tinkered in adolescence, through to his turntables. Year 1998 @ Bar 5 Akt, a small bar in Zurich, he had his first appearance as a DJ. Since then barnstorms Antonio Di Benedetto as a turntable artist and producer by the european Club scene. Thomas Wood begins in the early ages playing a few instruments so that the love to music was rising more and more. With 19 years he starts to play some vinyls that brings him a big inspiration to start with his own production. Little later his first own tracks were born. SOUNDS DEEP...